Achieving Great Health


Great health goes beyond just eating right and exercising regularly, although doing either goes a long way toward an optimum health. What many of us fail to realize is that overall optimum health, mind and body is what we are really wanting. You can't be in great shape and be out of sorts mentally, else you still are living a life that is lacking. You also can't have a great body that you are still feeding too much garbage or just as worse not enough good foods to maintain a "healthy" body and not just a fit one. 

We see atheletes in tremendous shape fall dead all the time and it's not because their physical muscles and cardio and all was in excellent condition, but it was because the organs and chemical balances that support the structure of their bodies were in poor condition. So again, we want to be in complete health, mind, body and inner mechanisms as well. The inner mechanisms is what we often overlook because we don't eat enough of the right things that allow our bodies to be health and stay that way. 

You may think that not eating fat (of the animal variety) isn't good for you, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Our bodies need fat to function properly. You may think that eating veggies is the best thing for you. But research shows that is totally incorrect. If you eat too much fiber based foods you won't get enough nutrition to your body's cells and that's why you need both veggies, meats (including fats) along with proper hydration to give your body what it needs. 

Sugar is something your body literally can do without! Literally you can get all of the carbohydrates you need in one day by eating a single piece of fruit or drinking a single glass of milk or organic squeezed fruit juice. The rest of your day water should be your drink and include a wide range of health foods and limit your junk foods. Your body can handle some junk food, in fact that's what so many of your internal safe guards are designed to do and you want to make sure they stay in optimum form as well so eating some junk food is needed. Get your self a good 7 to 8 hours per day of sleep and in about 21 days research shows you'll be feeling as well and as fit as you ever have, and on top of that you really will be healthy and fit inside out.

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